Financial Technology

Powerful trends are transforming financial technology. Amid an uncertain business environment, industry players are seeking to clarify the market outlook. Our fintech consulting teams help clients navigate this shifting landscape.


The fintech industry can expect revenue growth to be moderate in the near term. But once a sustainable recovery takes hold, revenues could soar—lifted by the ongoing transition away from cash, strong growth in e-commerce and electronic transactions, and greater innovation.

To capture this growth, incumbents will need to overcome the tough competitive landscape, where nontraditional players are jostling with banks and payments service providers to become the issuer, provider, processor, or partner of choice for customers.


How We Help Our Fintech Clients


Our fintech consulting teams are uniquely positioned to advise clients in highly challenging areas.


M&A and Post-Merger Integration

We help our clients engineer successful M&A deals and post-merger integrations by deploying vital value-creation levers. These include identifying and assessing the most attractive targets, defining integration priorities, maximising cost synergies, planning for revenue synergies, and minimising business risks. Results for clients have included preclosing transition service agreements that lower fees by 30% and accelerate exit, as well as swift achievement of significant cost and revenue synergies.


Acquirer Revenue Enhancement

Our experts help acquirers drive fresh growth by creating solutions that address merchants’ toughest commercial issues—boosting sales force productivity throughout the sales funnel across diverse distribution channels and digitally transforming the end-to-end merchant journey. They also help infuse discipline into sales force pricing, which includes determining the right pricing, for product bundles. Impacts include revenue increases through better price realisation and retention. Finally, our experts help merchant acquirers review and professionalise their risk management operating model, particularly within the context of succeeding at M&A (and subsequent PMI), realising their growth agendas, and navigating crises.


Digital Wallets

To address such challenges as changing customer needs and intensifying competition, we work with wholesale transaction banks to redefine their business strategies and operating models. This includes strengthening and digitising the customer experience, extracting more business value from data, and partnering with ecosystem players to drive revenue and enhance their offerings. Outcomes include reductions of 15% to 25% in costs, improvements of 10% to 15% in sales productivity, and higher-quality service—which lead to faster client onboarding and fewer customer complaints.



We have helped clients swiftly build a customised approach to collections, underpinned by data and analytics. Our teams develop rapid diagnoses, smarter segmentation schemes, stronger digital-outreach techniques, more compelling offers, and effective customer retention strategies. Results include reductions of 3% to 10% in charge-offs and as much as 10% in operating expenses in collections and recoveries. As we at Ceteris help banks shore up their collections strategies, we also advise them on how to lend a helping hand to their own customers—especially those who have struggled during the pandemic.