Real Estate

Occupiers, investors, and service providers are thinking and acting in new ways to keep up with society’s changing relationship with the real estate industry. Our real estate consulting experts help companies throughout the industry stay one step ahead.


Real estate constitutes the largest asset class in the world. However, despite that massive scale, the real estate industry has been slow to innovate. That’s now changing. Digital technology, urbanisation, the emphasis on sustainability, and affordable building are pushing the industry to evolve. The pandemic has also led to a widespread reconsideration of buying habits and of how and where people want to live and work—all of which have wide-ranging implications for the future of real estate.

As these shifts continue to take hold, we expect to see a prolonged period of disruption and unprecedented change. Ceteris helps leaders in real estate capitalise on these changes with strategies tied to their organisations’ locations and asset classes.

Our team of global real estate experts has deep experience across key pillars of the industry’s life cycle:


Our diverse team of real estate consultants works in all facets of asset and portfolio management, including with private equity funds, real estate investment trusts (REITs), sovereign wealth funds, and pension funds.


From major commercial real estate brokerages to online real estate marketplaces, we support some of the biggest names in the industry.


Ceteris regularly advises real estate builders, developers, and construction project managers on the development of real estate to support decision making and ensure that they operate effectively and efficiently.


We support leading property and facilities management players around the world as well as major corporations in determining how the future of work will affect their use of space and real estate management.


Depending on the needs of a project, we integrate real estate and technology and draw from the expertise and capabilities of our work in industries that affect real estate, including infrastructure, transportation and logistics, and cities of the future.