Automotive grade hexa-core processor for infotainment system


T7 ARM Cortex A7 hexa-core processor is aimed at automotive infotainment market and is AEC-Q100 compliant. The system has integrated dual image processing, multiple interfaces, and a dedicated ADAS acceleration engine for processing various driver assist features. T7 can be used as a multimedia/entertainment panel, electronic instrument panel, car navigation display, or customised by users depending on their preference.


AEC-Q100 certified.

Six core ARM Cortex A7 for CPU, and excellent processing performance and display with Mali 400 MP4 for GPU.

Support a wide range of 32-bit DRAM types and dynamic frequency scaling for improved performance and power consumption.

Multiple camera interfaces that support up to eight high-definition cameras.

Integrated ADAS acceleration engine improves the efficiency of processing ADAS algorithms whilst reducing the load on the CPU.

Integrated dual image processor can optimise and display 360° video content from a 360° enabled DVR.

Block diagram





Hexa-core ARM Cortex™-A7 processor



Mali 400 MP4



Support DDR2/DDR3/DDR3L/LPDDR2/LPDDR3 up to 3GB

Support eMMC, SD card, NAND flash, SPI NOR flash, and SPI NAND flash



Support video decoding up to 1080p@60fps with MPEG1/MPEG2/ MPEG4/H.263 /H.264/H.265/VP6/VP8/AVS/AVS + multi-formats

Support H.265 MP video encoding up to 1080p@60fps

Support H.264 MP video encoding up to 1080p@60fps

Support input titled (128x32)/YU12/YV12/NU12/NV12/ARGB/YUYV multi-formats

Support Alpha blending

Support Thumb generation

Support 4x2 scaling ratio from 1/16 to 64 arbitrary non-integer ratio



Two audio digital-to-analog (DAC) channels

Three audio analog-to-digital (ADC) channels

Four audio inputs

Two audio analog outputs



Support four lanes MIPI DSI up to 1920 x 1200 @60fps

Support LVDS interface up to 1920 x 1200 @60fps

Support 18-bit RGB interface up to 1366 x 768 @60fps

Support 1-ch TV CVBS output



Support two individual CSI interface with 16 bit data width each

Support four channel CVBS input or one channel YPbPr and one channel CVBS

Support two individual MIPI CSI camera control interface

Support two built-in image processors with HDR, 3D de-noise, and sharpening algorithm



Detection speed: 30fps (VGA)

Support four channel integral image, able to process 130 million features per second

Support up to three channel feature calculation


External peripheral

USB x 4 with USB OTG x 1 and USB host x 3

UART x 10/SPI x 3/TS x 1/TWI x 10/EMAC x 1/RSB x 1/CIR x 1



PBGA 547 balls, 21 x 21 mm, 0.8 ball pitch


Application diagram


Product diagram


1. HD 360° navigation display



2. Parking monitor



3. SD 360° and DVR navigation display


4. HD AVM box






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